ISLAMIC HERITAGE OF ANDALUSIA, SPAIN What to see in Ronda In the 6th century the Celts who founded Ronda (Malaga) calling it Arunda. Over centuries  was settled by Romans, Phoenicians, Visigoths and Arabs. In fact, like most of Andalusia, Ronda has a rich Islamic Heritage that can still be seen in its architecture. For years, the

ISLAMIC HERITAGE OF AL ANDALUS: What to See in Toledo   Bab Al Mardum Mosque Built between 999 and 1000 according to an inscription found on its façade, is frecuent to think that was a private institution as reflected by its small size. In Bab Mardum the technique introduced in these domes is very revealing, with the

Islamic Heritage of Andalusia, Spain What to see in Zaragoza   Aljaferia Palace – Mudejar Architecture of Aragon Find a great sample of Taifa Art in this fortified medieval palace  built on the 11th century, during the intermediate time of independent kingdoms previous to the arrival of the Almoravides. The Mudejar remains of the palace are declared World Heritage

ISLAMIC HERITAGE OF ANDALUSIA, SPAIN What to See in Cordoba At the birth of Islamic Art in Al Andalus there is much influence of Visigoth and Roman art. Let explore the period known as Emiral Cordobes and its Islamic Heritage left behind.   The Great Mosque of Cordoba The Islamic Art is mainly developed in the cities that

ISLAMIC HERITAGE OF ANDALUSIA, SPAIN What to see in Seville   Seville Cathedral – Ancient Aljama Mosque Santa Maria de la Sede is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and is recognised as UNESCO World Heritage. The basilica occupies the site of the great Aljama Mosque, built in the late 12th century by the Almohads, the ruling Moorish Dynasty. The

Discover Granada Islamic Heritage sites & other must see sights The Alhambra and the Generalife The Alhambra is an UNESCO site dated on 9th century. Its palaces, towers, royal apartments and gardens show the splendour that Granada attained during the Nasrid dynasty. Arabic called «qa’lat al-Hamra’» that means Red Castle because of its reddish walls.

La Fiesta de la Toma stirs controversy over Spain’s Islamic heritage by Emilio Alzueta GRANADA History can easily become a matter of names and definitions. The great Brazilian pedagogue Paulo Freire pointed out the relationship between naming and power: the winners of history, the powerful, coin the language that creates a vision of the world