While traveling in a tour or having a local guide have its benefit and convenience, it is always helpful to have a few travel apps in hand. We´ve done some research and handpicked some frequently recommended travel mobile apps to help prepare you for the trip in Spain.  1. Muslim Pro This multifunctional Islam-centric app
The Moors from North Africa invaded parts of Spain from 711 AD until the fall of Granada in 1492. With them, they brought along their Islamic religion and culture and ruled Spain for over 700 years. The Moorish influence remains evidently profound in many cities of Spain. Among them, we would like to highlight a
Reading the Alhambra Chapter 5 Based on a transcript from the documentary: Reading the Alhambra. In this final posting, we go deeper in reading the more complex kufic scripts and the combination of it with cursive writings.   “There is no victory other than from God”. Inscription frieze, Alhambra. Photo courtesy of Thierry Fétiveau. The

ISLAMIC HERITAGE OF AL ANDALUS: What to See in Toledo   Bab Al Mardum Mosque Built between 999 and 1000 according to an inscription found on its façade, is frecuent to think that was a private institution as reflected by its small size. In Bab Mardum the technique introduced in these domes is very revealing, with the