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Madrid, Cordoba & Granada Muslim Tour - 5 days

Best best and the best 😂👌
That’s all I can say Yasin has got so much patience, bro you the man for this job.

Safia B.

Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada - 5 Days

We had a wonderful time during our 5-day Ilim tour of Cordoba, Grenada, Seville, Ronda, and Alpujarra. There were many beautiful sites to see and all of the monuments we visited were spectacular. Our guide throughout the trip was Abdulrahman, who was very kind and accommodating to our needs, and he did a great job of introducing us to wonderful members of the Muslim communities in Cordoba and Grenada. Our guide for the Alhambra, Hamid, was amazing in the details he knew about the history of the monument and both the Islamic and Christian architecture. Insha’Allah Ilim Tours continues to grow as it gave us a beautiful experience of Southern Spain.

Shameema Ebrahim

Morocco, Spain and Portugal Muslim Tour - 10 Days

hi where does this tour start and end
iminterested in doing this from the 25 December
we are two adults

Shaik Fari Bin Abdul Samad

Andalusia Muslim Tour 6 Days 550€

My experience in Andalusia, Spain the best i had base on my experience traveling in Spain, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Aceh, ilimtour is the best. Tour guide name Alex@ Allaudin take us from day 1 to 7 is the best moment of pleasure of traveling with professional tour guide with vast knowledge in history of Andalusia, ilimtour i shall recommend for future tour in Spain and also thank Mr Hamdi in Alhamra Palace tour guide . Lastly is very heartbreaking the last day is Spain when Alex@ Allaudin send us and assist us to right terminal to checking counter. I hope to see them again in future. Mr Yassin, Ms Leyla and Alex@Allaudin. You all are the best.


Andalusia Muslim Tour 6 Days - 590€

Traveling with Illim tours was such a wonderful experience. I came in with very little knowledge of what to expect and was pleasantly surprised with all of the activities planned out for us. I enjoyed learning about Islamic history from the locals and exploring all of the beautiful and diverse landscapes of Andalusia (although it did look very similar to California). Our tour guide Mohammed Coca, ‘Coca’, as he’s called was rather laid-back but very willing to adjust our travel plans to meet everyone’s needs. He was a captivating story teller and a great tour guide overall. We were traveling with a 3 year old in our group (my nephew) and Coca was always mindful of the fact that we may have to take things a little slow or rest in between outings and my sister and the rest of the group appreciated that. Throughout this tour, you see so much of Andalusia and it does not feel as overwhelming or unpersonalized than if we were to have traveled with a bigger tour group. On top of learning about the Islamic history, we had dinner with a local family in Cordoba and gained some insight into what it is like being a Muslim in Spain. One thing that was not my favorite was the quality of the beds at the hotel we stayed at in Granada (the longest stay overall). They were rather old and hurt my back after the first night, so I would recommend seeing if it would be possible to get better beds or stay at a different hotel in Granada. Also, I was a bit disappointed that we did not go to the olive oil orchard and see how olive oil is processed. I suspect we did not have time since I was leaving early from Granada, but I was still very much looking forward to this part of the tour. Other than that, it was a great experience and I highly recommend to any Muslims looking for a different type of vacation experience.

Saima Ghani

Andalusia Muslim Tour 6 Days - 590€

I was a bit hesitant to book this tour at first but I am so glad I did. I had the pleasure of being part of
Mohammed Koka’s tour group and had one of the most amazing experiences. Along with the usual,
extremely beautiful tourist hunts, we also got to experience the local Muslim culture and had the
opportunity to dine with a local Muslim family. Everyone we met that was associated with this company
was extremely kind and open. This was definitely an unforgettable experience and I highly recommend
booking a tour through Ilimtours, you definitely won’t regret it!

Taoufik Mounib & family

Andalusia Muslim Tour 6 Days - 590€

19 March 2019. I was a bit hesitant to book this tour at first, but my worries dissipated when I read the other positive reviews. As a start, Leilya provided detailed answers to my (inquisitive) email queries. The online registration went very smooth. Our tour guide Malik Gil spared no effort to make our experience of Spain a memorable one for my family of 4 (My two teenagers 13 & 14 remained focused the entire time). Armed with top communications skills and English fluency, Malik adapted the program after our keen interest in the people of Spain. (If you are like me and welcome the opportunity to mingle with locals, your tour guide will offer you the opportunity to meet some great folks – We had 3 meals in the company of local families). The other tour guides from the company (Yasin, Alauddin, Scott as well as a few others) came accross to us as people who genuinely love their work. I make the intention to return to Spain Insha’Allah one day. I give this tour company a solid 5 star rating for its professionalism & customer service. Keep it up!

Halimatus Saadiah Ibrahim

Andalusia Muslim Tour 6 Days - 590€

We would like to thank Yasin, Aiman and Abu Bakar for making our trip an unforgettable experience. We when to the Andalusia trip (12 nov 2018) the history, scenery and even brought us to mingle with the local muslim for the jumaat prayer it was an unforgettable experience. Yasin even cater to our individual flight timing. We strongly recommended them.

meftah mahmud

Morocco & Spain - 8 Days

please let me know the cost of this trip per person or for two.


Andalusia Muslim Tour 6 Days - 590€

Me and my sister went for the September tour, as our first holiday in Europe. Got to say it was memorable. We went to many beautiful places and we met wonderful people on the tour group which was amazing. We also met the Muslim community of the towns we visited which was awesome. Our tourguide Ayman was very kind and showed us around to all the cool places as well, even when we were not doing the tour and went to hang out afterwards. I would recommend this organisation to everyone, it was not regrettable!


Andalusia Muslim Tour 6 Days - 590€

We went on tour 2 weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Our tour guide Alauddin was brilliant..we gained a lot of knowledge from him. There was 11 of us in total and we were all grateful that we had him as our guide, its hard to find someone so kind and helpful, when he dropped us off at the airport it felt like we were leaving a family member behind. If we ever go Spain again we will definitely be contacting this company and requesting for Alaudin. The places we visited were so beautiful and everything was sorted out for us, didnt have to worry about booking hotels, finding transport etc. Also felt so good skipping all the queues outside the palaces and it was nice to have someone with you that can help translate. Definitely recommend to other, you will not regret it.


Andalusia Muslim Tour 6 Days - 590€

Probably one of the best ways to explore Andalucia, san a private tour! Yaseen was attentive while booking the tour; he was a great help with prompt suggestions and kind feedback. Our guide Mohammad Scott was incredible. He was friendly, helpful, kind, and very lovely. My mother and I joined the trip, and at one point we faced some health issues. Scott was very helpful; he helped us explore our options, and spoke on the phone in Spanish whenever we couldn’t find someone who spoke English. He made sure to check up on us and see that everything is settled. The driver was competent and lovely himself. The tour itself was well-organized, informative and entertaining. Hotels and transportation were excellent. Overall, great value for the trip and I have already recommended Ilimtour to family and friends. Just make sure you have a pair of really comfortable shoes because there us a lot of walking.

Rini Dawam

Morocco, Spain and Portugal Muslim Tour - 10 Days

Trip ke eropa kali ini sungguh luar biasa. Jadwal di manage dgn sangat baik, hotel tempat menginap oke banget, menu makanan halal, lezat, dan variatif, tour leader yg asyik dan sangat pengertian plus helpfull (buat ibu2 yg males jalan jauh.., dan hobi poto2 pasti cocok banget). Next trip, kita ketemu lg Mas Alaudin dan Mas Yasin (TL yg cool habis).
Kesimpulannya : Highly Recomended!!!

Noori Nisar

Morocco, Spain and Portugal Muslim Tour - 10 Days

Very well arranged ! Our guide and driver Yasin was very efficient and punctual. He was very accommodating to our needs and a safe and excellent driver. His planning covered everything we wanted to see. He made our trip very enjoyable and comfortable. He also added a personal touch by taking us to a friend’s farm where we had delicious home cooked food and warm hospitality.

Sarjono Amnan

Morocco, Spain and Portugal Muslim Tour - 10 Days

Alhamdulillah, kami didampingi oleh orang yang bernama Yasin, sungguh luar biasa dan profesional sekali dia, penyabar, santun dan berakhlaq mulia. Selalu senyum dalam situasi apapun. Di tiap negara kami tetap dibawa sholat di masjid, Subhanallah.