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Southern Spain Andalusia Muslim Tour

Visit Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Alhambra & Alpujarra 

In the Andalusia Muslim Tour, you will be able to visit and learn the Islamic heritage of Spain by the hand of a local Muslim guide, who specialises in the Islamic heritage of Spain. This tour have monthly departures through the year, choose your dates and join the tour.
As a Muslim Travel Agency, all our services are directed for Muslim travelers, so we take care of the Halal Restaurants and Prayer Times. There will be time to meet the new Muslim Spanish communities, reviving this Islamic heritage of Spain, using the Moorish architecture in their houses, having olive trees, farms, gardens, and growing up vegetables and fruits, following the Muslim agriculture of Andalusia. You will be able to pick the fresh fruits from the trees and eat it!

  • 2024 Jun 17th – 22nd
  • 2024 Jul 15th – 20th
  • 2024 Aug 19th – 24th
  • 2024 Sep 9th – 14th
  • 2024 Oct 14th – 19th
  • 2024 Nov 18th – 23rd
  • 2024 Dec 23rd – 28th

If you want to Travel in Different Dates, or you prefer to travel only with your family, Simply Request a Private Tour


All Departures are confirmed


Pick up: from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm in Malaga (AGP) Airport
Drop off: 10:30 am at Malaga (AGP) Airport. Please make sure that your flight is after 12:30

 4* HOTELS: 5 nights in nice and clean hotels in every city
 TICKETS: Mosque of Cordoba, Medinat Al-Zahra (Cordoba), Royal Alcazar (Seville), Alhambra Palaces (Granada)
 BREAKFAST: 5 breakfast at hotels
MUSLIM GUIDE: English speaking local Muslim guide
 WATER: Free water every day
 ALL TRANSFERS: We cover all transfers. New and fully AC bus. Relax and enjoy!



The type of transportation will depend on the group size. 5 seats Car (up to 3 persons) — 9 seats Minibus (up to 8 persons) — 24 seats Bus (from 9 persons onwards) 


FLIGHTS are NOT INCLUDED in the package. You have to arrange your own flights according to the pick up and drop off times.
LUNCH & DINNER. Our guide will always bring you to the Halal restaurants, where you can order and pay.
TIPS. 30€ per ADULT.

PRE-ORDERD MEALS. 15€ per Meal. Welcome Meal and Alpujarra mountains Meal will be Pre-Arranged, as that is the only and best way to offer you the best Service and Halal Restaurant on these Days.


INFANT RATE Age 0-2: 100€
CHILDREN RATE Age 3-9: 350€



Dont Worry! you can Cancel Free of charge up to 15 days before the tour. We will refund you the full Deposit.


Day 1

Malaga Airport-Cordoba(1:30hr)

After picking up all the travelers we will proceed to Cordoba. We will arrive at lunch time, you can have free time for lunch, or we could arrange a typical Spanish seafood paella in a halal restaurant. The price for this lunch is 15€ per person. After lunch we will make the visit around Cordoba, The Great Mosque of Cordoba (Entrance), Bridge of Musa ibn Nusayr, Calahorra Tower (Photo Stop), which are the main visits of the day. After the guided tour, there will be free time in the old quarters, to self explore and shopping. After we will go to the hotel to rest and freshen up. Overnight in Cordoba. 

Day 2


After breakfast we will visit Medinat Al-Zahra archeological (Entrance) site and interactive museum. It was the city of the Umayyad Khalifa during the 10th century, it represents the peak and maximum splendour of Islam in Spain. Afterwards we will proceed to Seville. Plaza España is our visit in Seville after having lunch, we will try to view the sunset here. After the guided tour, there will be free time in the Muslim quarters to explore and shopping. Having dinner and overnight in Seville

Day 3


After Breakfast, we will make the visit of Seville. The Royal Alcazar (Entrance) , a Christian Palace built by Muslim craftmen with a unique mudejar decoration; The Giralda Tower, The former minaret of the Mosque of Seville from the year 1182. After visiting Seville, we will have lunch and continue our journey to Granada (3hrs). At the arrival in Granada we will check in at the hotel to freshen up. In the evening we will visit the Albayzin, former Muslim Quarters, panoramic views to the Alhambra, Grand Mosque of Granada. Having dinner and overnight in Granada.

Day 4

Alhambra and Granada

After breakfast we will visit the Alhambra, the most visited monument in Spain, and the best preserved medieval Muslim Royal Palace in the world. In our visit We will walk in the royal houses of the Muslim Sultans from the Nasrid Dynasty, founded by Muhammad al-Ahmar, and we will “Read the Alhambra”, by following the Arabic inscriptions in their walls, full of du’a, Qur’an, poetry and more. After Alhambra we could arrange a buffet lunch in an open air Muslim villa 10 minutes from Alhambra by bus, Price for this lunch is 15€ per person. After lunch there will be some time to rest at the hotel. In the evening, we will walk and explore the city center and the Moroccan Bazar. After that, we have dinner in the halal restaurant. Overnight in Granada

Day 5

Alpujarra Mountains & Jumaa

After breakfast we will make our trip to the Alpujarra mountains, where the last Muslims of Alandalus were living and practicing Islam for more than 150 years after the conquest of Granada. New Muslims are living here now, and they have the olive plantations which produce olive oil for the whole year, with the same olives once planted by the Muslims of the past. We will visit the Traditional village of “Pampaneira”, where you can see the local carpets, chocolate factory, traditional houses, streets and architecture of the place. We will have lunch Local restaurant, own by a Local Muslim Family, the Locatioon is Marvelous with views to the Mountains and Valley of the Alpujarras, the last stronghold of the Muslims of Granada. There will be free time for shopping and self exploring. Overnight in Granada

Day 6

Granada-Malaga Airport

After breakfast, we will head to Malaga Airport according to the drop off time. If you want to stay longer in Granada, we can help you to arrange public bus to Malaga Airport in your departure day. Arrival time at the airport is at 11:00 am

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Tour Reviews

4.86 based on 26 reviews
September 19, 2017

An amazing 5 day Andalusia tour with Ahmad from Ilim Tour. Ahmad, our tour guide, gave us (myself and my 2 teenage children aged 16 and 18) in-depth information about each of the sites we visited in Cordoba, Seville and Granada and modified our tour to suit the interests of me and my teens (e.g we hiked near Alhambra and also looked at some of the works of the professional grafitti artists around Granada since my daughter loves contemporary street art).
Ahmad had an easy going personality which was perfect for our group. He was also considerate, always asking if we wanted to walk or take the car to the next site. There was no hassle trying to find good food in a new country, as Ahmad not only knew all the halal restaurants, but which ones specialised in which types of food. We were always offered at least 2 options for restaurants for lunch and dinner. Ahmad also knew where all the mosques where (mosques are not easy to find in contemporary Spain), and set aside time in the program for salah.
Yasin was our guide for Alhambra. His passion for the palace and it’s Islamic history as well as his knowledge of Arabic, art and history brought this beautiful palace to life.
In conclusion, great food, considerate tour guides and awe-inspiring sites.
We would love to book another tour in future with the wonderful Ilim Tour guides.

October 4, 2017

Highly recommended for friends who travel to Andalusia with guide Yasin and Bartoloming driver. Guides help in providing travel and kosher meals. And the driver is very comfortable so it can be rest during the ride on the bas starting seville sd madrid. Thank you all for the next trip.

October 8, 2017

Our Andalusian trip in December 2015 was simply unforgettable. We were a group of 6 adults and a 6-month old baby, but traveling was made easy as Yasin was very accommodating to our needs. Yasin’s vast knowledge of Islamic history is impressive indeed and the stories and experiences he shared with us were nothing short of amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday thanks to Ilim tour and hope to travel with them again insyaAllah!!

November 15, 2017

we are a group of Doctors,lecturers and profesors of Muhammadiyah and Islamic University,and families,about 40 person,are very impressed during visit to Spain,Andalusia Muslim tour, Amazing. we got lessons about the History of Islamic glory in the past that helped brighten of European civilization.there are the Islamic heritage buildings still well preserved until now.We visit Alhambra palace,Cordoba,Seville, Madrid Barnebue stadion and beautiful scene from town to another town. This tour become interesting and memorable becouse we got a guide who understood and served us “with heart and full of patience” becouse our groups is over 50 YO….ha ha.. the guide is Yasin Maymir….Halloo…Yasiiin, becouse of you we are now still in a group “alumni of spain tour”…and we have periodic gathering, for preparing another tour. Oh ya,in this tour we have good Hotels,halal food and comfortable Bus for trasnportation. our suggestion may be in the future the bus will prepare WIFI. we have chance to Sholah/pray in Mosque or small mosque (Musholla) and we have chance to met our Muslim brothers during travel form one city to another city.During the trip Yasin always explain the scenery surround it…If you will hold tour to Andalusia muslim tour , i recommend to contact Yasin Maymir….in Ilimtour Andalusia Muslim Tour and Travel. it”s better for Indonesian tourist we prepare guide that can explain in bahasa… Indonesia”Ayo Yasin kamu harus belajar bahasa Indonesia”…I plan to visit Spain again with group of Directors of Jakarta Islam Hospital…InsyaAllah…aamiin

January 2, 2018

I knew a little bit about Andalusia from an old history. But when our daughters sponsored us to go there with a special tour guide, Yasin, oh my God it was more than just a tour. We have seen most of the world, but with Yasin (a native Spanish muslim in our side all the time during our tour), nothing is missed. I highly recommend if you wanna visit to get historical insight of the Islamic Civilization in Europe (Andalusia) as oppose to just having some pictures taken, go with Yasin. He is simply the best and very friendly. See you again Yasin…….

February 3, 2018

I experienced the Andalusia tour with my mum, 2 year old daughter and some lovely Muslims from Singapore and Australia. The trip was first class from start to finish. Our main tour guide, Alaudin, was brilliant. He was always punctual, shared his in-depth knowledge of Andalusia and took us to restaurants with delicious and affordable halal food. Yasin took us on a tour of the Alhambra palaces and gardens and it was like stepping back in time many hundreds of years.
I have come away knowing much more about Islamic history and feel so happy that Yasin and his team are organising these wonderful tours. Thank you once again for an unforgettable trip. I wholeheartedly recommend this tour to anyone looking to experience Islamic history, make new friends and enjoy beautiful Spain.

February 15, 2018

Me and my daughter enjoyed an excellent guided tour of Muslim Seville, Cordoba and Granada. Our tour guides Yasin, Alaudin and Rafa were outstanding in their delivery of information- they all spoke with passion and deep knowledge and understanding of their Spanish Muslim past; it was as if they were retelling a drama and made history come to life. Moreover the incorporating of the daily prayers was built in to the schedule making this a truly Muslim tour. Alaudin took us to mosques and family run restaurants that only a local would be able to find. Well done to Yasin’s excellent organisation!

February 15, 2018

Awesome tour, nice places to visit, spiritually inspiring for Indonesian muslim visitors because they provide comfortable vehicles and hotels with very helpful and kind driver and especially tour guide who is able to speak bahasa Indonesia and having very good knowledge about Islamic histories and cultures of places and buildings visited. Thanks for Yassin ! ???? Barakallah !
Very recommended !!!

February 15, 2018

Our group booked this tour group to Seville, Cordoba and Granada. we were picked up and dropped off at Malaga airport. It is a full service tour, included travel in private taxi, 4 star hotel stay and paid entry with guide to all historical sites. The tour guide was a young man with a very pleasant and helpful personality. He was very knowledgeable about Arabic and Islamic Spanish history. His translations and knowledge about the Arabic inscriptions were very impressive. One day he arranged dinner at a local farm, it was a wonderful experience and the Moroccan food was excellent. I would strongly recommend Ilimtour.

February 15, 2018

We had a wonderful experience in Andalusia. Yasin and Alaudin were great guides and very knowledgeable! They would go all out to help us when they can. We would surely book with them again if we were to visit Spain again. Loved the trip very much! Thank you Yasin and Alaudin!

February 15, 2018

We were a group of 7 adults from Singapore who toured Andulusia in Sept 2015. It was indeed a very memorable and educational trip as Yasin Maymir of Ilm tour has explained passionately about the different cities of Andulusia. Yasin Maymir was not only our tour guide but also a caring member to us. He went all out to help recover a lost luggage of one of our members. It was indeed a relief for us when we finally got the luggage. Yasin also spent so much time with us till late night making sure that we have good meals and hotel accomodation before going home. He has indeed an immense knowledge of the cities and a very fun guy to be with. He even brought us to his parents’ home and olive farm. It was indeed a pleasant and memorable experience there. We also got a chance to meet his two beautiful daughters and wife. Yasin is indeed a trustworthy person as he only collected the money for our land package on arrival in Madrid.
We always recommend Ilim tour to others as it was so easy to book and to communicate with Yasin through whatsapp. We are truly blessed and appreciative to have met Yasin, his family and people of Andulusia. Hope to visit Spain again one day insyaa Allah. All the best and great success in your touring business!

February 15, 2018

I had the privilege of experiencing one of the most fascinating trips in my life. Our guide mr. Yasin Maymir was very kind and very fun to be around with. He also contained an extensive amount of knowledge of the islamic heritage in Andalucia. Allhamdulilah this trip was quite unforgettable.

February 15, 2018

Our tour guide’s name was Mohammad Scott. Not only was he knowledgeable but also very punctual, friendly and polite. We had a great time and made beautiful memories. Would highly recommend!

February 15, 2018

This was a tour we will never forget. Although we visited in 2014 we still have vivid images of the places we visited with Yasin. He was with us every step of the way. His insight and knowledge of Islamic history is phenomenal. Every place we visited became special after he gave us such a vivid and comprehensive history of it. Our knowledge of the slendour and magnitude of the contribution that the Moors made to Medicine, science, philosophy increased by leaps and bounds with each day on the Islamic tour. We enjoyed it so much that we keep recommending the tour to family and friends. We always talk of going on other tours with Yasin and his Tour company.

February 15, 2018

The best guided tour that I and my wife had experience.

February 15, 2018

The best vacation ever!! Yasin Maymir of Ilm tour has given us an amazing journey that both culturally enriching and spiritually uplifting. He started the journey by picking us up from a hotel in Malaga on March 30, 2017 that he booked for us even though it was not part of the package. From that date to our departure on April 3rd, Yasin Maymir was not only a tour guide but a caring member of family to us. He has immense knowledge of the places we visited and very fun guy to be with. He made us feel at ease at all time. My two teenage kids, my husband and I looked forward to see him each and everyday. We were sad when our visit came to and end. We wish we could go longer. As soon as we got home, I told every holiday makers I know about how amazing Ilm tour was. The hotels type and location he selected for us were great. The restaurants he took us were superb. Until now, we’re still reminiscing how great the foods, the places and the people he took us to. We can’t thank him enough for such an amazing journey. We will definitely take another tour with Yasin Maymir of Ilm tour God willing!!

February 21, 2018

Very good service and very nice trip Alhamdulilah

July 9, 2018

Probably one of the best ways to explore Andalucia, san a private tour! Yaseen was attentive while booking the tour; he was a great help with prompt suggestions and kind feedback. Our guide Mohammad Scott was incredible. He was friendly, helpful, kind, and very lovely. My mother and I joined the trip, and at one point we faced some health issues. Scott was very helpful; he helped us explore our options, and spoke on the phone in Spanish whenever we couldn’t find someone who spoke English. He made sure to check up on us and see that everything is settled. The driver was competent and lovely himself. The tour itself was well-organized, informative and entertaining. Hotels and transportation were excellent. Overall, great value for the trip and I have already recommended Ilimtour to family and friends. Just make sure you have a pair of really comfortable shoes because there us a lot of walking.

August 25, 2018

We went on tour 2 weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Our tour guide Alauddin was brilliant..we gained a lot of knowledge from him. There was 11 of us in total and we were all grateful that we had him as our guide, its hard to find someone so kind and helpful, when he dropped us off at the airport it felt like we were leaving a family member behind. If we ever go Spain again we will definitely be contacting this company and requesting for Alaudin. The places we visited were so beautiful and everything was sorted out for us, didnt have to worry about booking hotels, finding transport etc. Also felt so good skipping all the queues outside the palaces and it was nice to have someone with you that can help translate. Definitely recommend to other, you will not regret it.

September 24, 2018

Me and my sister went for the September tour, as our first holiday in Europe. Got to say it was memorable. We went to many beautiful places and we met wonderful people on the tour group which was amazing. We also met the Muslim community of the towns we visited which was awesome. Our tourguide Ayman was very kind and showed us around to all the cool places as well, even when we were not doing the tour and went to hang out afterwards. I would recommend this organisation to everyone, it was not regrettable!

October 15, 2018

We went on the Andalusia tour last week and I can safely say that it has been one of the best trips we’ve been on. It was truly an unforgettable experience. We learnt so much about the history of Muslims in Spain, and we got to meet local Muslims and visit orange and olive trees farms. Thanks to our amazing guide Yasin. He is a great example of a true Muslim, and is a very compassionate and caring soul. He took such great care of us and made us feel like family. It is very rare in this day and age to find someone of such high akhlaaq (manners). Highly recommended.

December 3, 2018

We would like to thank Yasin, Aiman and Abu Bakar for making our trip an unforgettable experience. We when to the Andalusia trip (12 nov 2018) the history, scenery and even brought us to mingle with the local muslim for the jumaat prayer it was an unforgettable experience. Yasin even cater to our individual flight timing. We strongly recommended them.

March 20, 2019

19 March 2019. I was a bit hesitant to book this tour at first, but my worries dissipated when I read the other positive reviews. As a start, Leilya provided detailed answers to my (inquisitive) email queries. The online registration went very smooth. Our tour guide Malik Gil spared no effort to make our experience of Spain a memorable one for my family of 4 (My two teenagers 13 & 14 remained focused the entire time). Armed with top communications skills and English fluency, Malik adapted the program after our keen interest in the people of Spain. (If you are like me and welcome the opportunity to mingle with locals, your tour guide will offer you the opportunity to meet some great folks – We had 3 meals in the company of local families). The other tour guides from the company (Yasin, Alauddin, Scott as well as a few others) came accross to us as people who genuinely love their work. I make the intention to return to Spain Insha’Allah one day. I give this tour company a solid 5 star rating for its professionalism & customer service. Keep it up!

April 2, 2019

I was a bit hesitant to book this tour at first but I am so glad I did. I had the pleasure of being part of
Mohammed Koka’s tour group and had one of the most amazing experiences. Along with the usual,
extremely beautiful tourist hunts, we also got to experience the local Muslim culture and had the
opportunity to dine with a local Muslim family. Everyone we met that was associated with this company
was extremely kind and open. This was definitely an unforgettable experience and I highly recommend
booking a tour through Ilimtours, you definitely won’t regret it!

April 21, 2019

Traveling with Illim tours was such a wonderful experience. I came in with very little knowledge of what to expect and was pleasantly surprised with all of the activities planned out for us. I enjoyed learning about Islamic history from the locals and exploring all of the beautiful and diverse landscapes of Andalusia (although it did look very similar to California). Our tour guide Mohammed Coca, ‘Coca’, as he’s called was rather laid-back but very willing to adjust our travel plans to meet everyone’s needs. He was a captivating story teller and a great tour guide overall. We were traveling with a 3 year old in our group (my nephew) and Coca was always mindful of the fact that we may have to take things a little slow or rest in between outings and my sister and the rest of the group appreciated that. Throughout this tour, you see so much of Andalusia and it does not feel as overwhelming or unpersonalized than if we were to have traveled with a bigger tour group. On top of learning about the Islamic history, we had dinner with a local family in Cordoba and gained some insight into what it is like being a Muslim in Spain. One thing that was not my favorite was the quality of the beds at the hotel we stayed at in Granada (the longest stay overall). They were rather old and hurt my back after the first night, so I would recommend seeing if it would be possible to get better beds or stay at a different hotel in Granada. Also, I was a bit disappointed that we did not go to the olive oil orchard and see how olive oil is processed. I suspect we did not have time since I was leaving early from Granada, but I was still very much looking forward to this part of the tour. Other than that, it was a great experience and I highly recommend to any Muslims looking for a different type of vacation experience.

May 2, 2023


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