This Private Muslim Tour in Andalusia, Spain, will bring you to the heart of the Islamic Heritage of Andalusia. Here in the South of Spain was the area where the Andalusian Muslims lived the longest time, and all theses three cities -Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada- where capitals of Al-Andalus at different periods of History. Therefore the Islamic legacy is really amaizing in all of them.

You will be able to discover and learn not only the past muslim civilization of Andalusia, but also how it contributed to the Spanish culture and nowadays, by Visiting the Spanish Muslim comunities and mosques, Fields of Agriculture, Olive Trees Plantations, Orange trees and more surprises.

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4* HOTELS: 4 nights in Nice and clean Hotels in every city 

TICKETS: Mosque of Cordoba, M. Al-Zahra (Cordoba), Royal Alcazar (Seville), Alhambra Palaces (Granada) 

BREAKFAST: 4 breakfast at hotels 

MUSLIM GUIDE: Scourted by a Local Muslim Guide, English Speaking

ALL TRANSFERS: All the transfers are covered.  New and Fully AC Minibus

WATER: Free water every day


FLIGHTS are NOT INCLUDED in the package. 

Day 1

Malaga Airport-Ronda-Seville

After picking up all the travelers we will drive along Costa del Sol, with fantastic views to the Mediterranean sea, making our way to Ronda (1h). A unique town in the top of the mountains, where we will visit the Musilm bridge, Panoramic views, Muslim city Walls, Cliffs, and more. The famous Sufi Master Ibn Abbas Al-Rundi was born here. After visiting Ronda we will continue to Seville (2h). Time for Dinner and Overnight in Seville

Day 2


After Breakfast we will make the Visit of Seville. The Royal Alcazar , a Cristian Palace built by Muslim Craftmen with a unique mudejar decoration; The Giralda Tower, The former Minaret of the Mosque of Seville from the year 1182. After the guided tour there will be free time in the Muslim quarters to explore and shoping. After Lunch we will proceed to Cordoba (only 1:30h). in the Afternoon we will make the Visit Of Cordoba, The Great Mosque of Cordoba, Bridge of Musa ibn Nusayr, Calahorra Tower, Andalusi House, are the main visits in this day. After the Guided Tour there will be free time in the old quarters, to Self Explore and Shopping. Time For Dinner and Overnight in Cordoba

Day 3

Cordoba-Medinat Azahra-Granada

After Breakfast we will visit Medinat Al-Zahra archeological site and interactive Museum. It was the City of the Umayyad Khalifa during the 10th Century, it represents the peak and maximum splendour of Islam in Spain. After the visit we will make our way to Granada (2h), using the socalled “Rout of the Caliphate”, passing through many Muslim Towers and Casttels along the way. We will Stop in a Traditional rest area, in the middle of the Olive Fields, where yo can buy Olive oil and Almonds Products, of the best Quality at the cheapest price. At the Arrival in Granada we will Check in at the Hotel to freshen up. in the Evening we will visit the Albayzin, former Muslim Quarters, Panoramic Views to the Alhambra, Grand Mosque of Granada. There will be Free time in the Moroccan Bazar and City Center. Dinner and Overnight in Granada  

Day 4

Alhambra and Alpujarra Mountains

After Breakfast we will visit the Alhambra, the most visited monument in Spain, and the best Preserved Medieval Muslim Royal Palace in the World. In our visit We will Walk in the Royal houses of the Muslim Sultans from the Nasrid dinasty, founded by Muhammad al-Ahmar, and we will “Read the Alhambra”, by following the Arabic inscriptions in their Walls, full of Du’a, Quar’an, Poetry and more. We will learn about the downfall of Granada as the last muslim kingdom and the reasons why it might have happened. After the visit we will Follow the rout of the last Muslim Sultan Abu Abdellah “Boabdil” to the Alpujarra Mountains,  where we will visit the old Nasrid Bridge, Muslim Tower of Lanjaron. Our main visit in Alpujarra it may be the Orchards and fields of Orange and Olives trees. if you come in the winter season you can pick and eat the Oranges, See the Harvest of the Olives, and the irrigation sistem created by the Muslims hundreds of years ago.

Day 5

Granada-Malaga Airport

After Breakfast, we will Transfer to Malaga Airport according to the Drop off Time. If you want to stay longer in Granada we will help you to arrange Public bus to Malaga Airport in your departure day. Arrival in Malaga Airport 2 houres before the First Departure flight.

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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 8 reviews
May 19, 2017

Alhamdulillah we made it and became the most memorable trip we had in last December…We were six persons, my husband and I, and four kids (two teenagers and two of early 20s). Yasin was our tour guide for six days in Spain…Not only that we had so much fun with him, but we also learnt so many things from this trip.
So much love and lots of salaam from Ifa, Amir, Alifa, Sofie, Rashif and Githa

Ifa Isfandiarni
Visiting Andalusia

June 6, 2017

Dear Ifa, Thank you very much for your feedback. It was a great Vacation with a great Family, Alhamdulillah. I am so happy you enjoy your time in Andalusia, and I really hope to have you here again. Warmest Salaams To all the Family. Yasin Maymir

August 10, 2017

My wife planned for a private Muslim tour from Madrid to Malaga in February 2017. She engaged Ilim and coordinated the plans with Yasin. Although it is technically still winter, the weather was just splendid when we were there. Alhamdulillah.
The whole tour with Ilim was just great Subhanallah Alhamdulillah. Ahmad Bennatia met us at the airport and drove to the various locations based on what we wanted to see and do and energy level. It was great and memorable. The meals were just fantastic too. Ahmad took us to locations and recommendations based on what we wanted to see and like. Mariam that guided us through AlHamra with another party that was excellent as well. Everyone was just very friendly, knowledgeable and understood and tailor made the tour to our preferences. I think this is the best way for tours. I have recommended our friends to Ilim.

September 7, 2017

It has been one month since we came back from our honeymoon in Spain and till today, the private guided tour with Muhammad Scott from ilimtour is still fresh in our memory. Throughout the 5 days in Andalusia, we were grateful for all his help in ensuring that we get the best out of each city; from his very informational history knowledge, to recommending good places to us and also being sporting enough to join us for our quad bike. He is more like a friend than our guide. Yassin also made time to meet us at Granada and made special arrangements with the hotel to serve us halal breakfast. We were touched by his thoughtful gesture. It was a sweet parting for us and we wished we had more time in Andalusia.

Definitely will recommend ilimtour to our friends who want to visit Spain. Our honeymoon was even more memorable with what Erentour tour had done for us. Hope we can meet again someday, insya Allah.

October 15, 2017

Our group booked this tour group to Seville, Cordoba and Granada. we were picked up and dropped off at Malaga airport. It is a full service tour, included travel in private taxi, 4 star hotel stay and paid entry with guide to all historical sites. The tour guide was a young man with a very pleasant and helpful personality. He was very knowledgeable about Arabic and Islamic Spanish history. His translations and knowledge about the Arabic inscriptions were very impressive. One day he arranged dinner at a local farm, it was a wonderful experience and the Moroccan food was excellent. I would strongly recommend Ilimtour.

October 15, 2017

Very well arranged ! Our guide and driver Yasin was very efficient and punctual. He was very accommodating to our needs and a safe and excellent driver. His planning covered everything we wanted to see. He made our trip very enjoyable and comfortable. He also added a personal touch by taking us to a friend’s farm where we had delicious home cooked food and warm hospitality.

October 15, 2017

Yasin is a fabulous guide. His knowledge of History, stories around them, and background of area. He has knowledge of Spanish , English and knows his Islam well. He made very good arrangements for hotels, transportation and arranged tour in comfortable way. I have no hesitation in recommending Ilim tours to anyone especially to Muslim tourists

November 16, 2017

Highly recommended for friends who travel to Andalusia with guide Yasin and Bartoloming driver. Guides help in providing travel and kosher meals. And the driver is very comfortable so it can be rest during the ride on the bas starting seville sd madrid. Thank you all for the next trip

January 26, 2020

We had a wonderful time during our 5-day Ilim tour of Cordoba, Grenada, Seville, Ronda, and Alpujarra. There were many beautiful sites to see and all of the monuments we visited were spectacular. Our guide throughout the trip was Abdulrahman, who was very kind and accommodating to our needs, and he did a great job of introducing us to wonderful members of the Muslim communities in Cordoba and Grenada. Our guide for the Alhambra, Hamid, was amazing in the details he knew about the history of the monument and both the Islamic and Christian architecture. Insha’Allah Ilim Tours continues to grow as it gave us a beautiful experience of Southern Spain.

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