Reading the Alhambra Chapter 3 Based on a transcript from the documentary: Reading the Alhambra. In the posting, we witness the importance of poetry and how it forms the core to this architectural structure.  Palace of Comares "From me, both by day and night, mouths salutes youwith wishes of good fortune, happiness and friendship. She

Reading the Alhambra Chapter 2 Based on a transcript from the documentary: Reading the Alhambra The inscriptions of verses from the Qur´an provide the buildings with sacred evocations of both the earthy and heavenly paradise, such as those in the oldest of the niches for jars of water in the Alhambra at the entrance of

Reading the Alhambra Chapter 1 Based on a transcript from the documentary: Reading the Alhambra When you visit the Alhambra, you will enter into the most original and beautiful architectural world of words. The visual of the semantic prominence of its devout, regal voltive and Quranic phrases and sentences, inscribed in a subtle variety of

Looking for a country that takes your needs into account and makes you feel comfortable during your holidays? Spain is highly recommended. It is afterall one of the top most visited countries in the world. And why should it be your next Halal travel destination? Here are some key reasons. 1. Halal Certified products and

What to see in Rome? Italy Muslim friendly destination Rome  its a spectacle, may not be the capital of the world these days, but it is still one of the most amazing historical cities in the world.  The Muslim presence in Italy dates back to the 8th century when the island of Pantelleria (Sicily) was conquered by the

Services for Muslim Travelers  Discover in this article what services a muslim traveler requires during the trip. In Europe, the tourist industry is improving their services and amenities for the muslim customers; But at the moment no other country reach Switzerland in standars of comfort, as most 5 star hotels were able to respond to