What Traveler Wants from a Halal Muslim Friendly Travel?
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Services for Muslim Travelers 

Discover in this article what services a muslim traveler requires during the trip. In Europe, the tourist industry is improving their services and amenities for the muslim customers; But at the moment no other country reach Switzerland in standars of comfort, as most 5 star hotels were able to respond to the majority of the muslim traveler needs.

The suggestions from muslim travelers includes facilities that contribute to customer’s opportunity to observe religious practices, including the availability of the Quran, prayer mats, prayer times in the local time zone and the marking of the Qibla, the direction of prayer towards Mecca.

Other common suggestions included the availability of halal food or guarantees of a pork-free kitchen and an alcohol-free minibar in hotel rooms.


Respect for Culture

Survey participants also suggest further amenities that are not required for strict adherence to Islamic religious requirements but were appreciated for cultural reasons. These included everything from the availability of bidets in hotel bathrooms to having Middle Eastern menus and Arabic TV channels, something that one survey participant noted could sway his choice of hotel.


Muslim Women 
Female travellers noted the importance for strict Muslim travellers of female-only areas in hotel spas and the availability of female spa therapists, female-only swimming times and female room staff. Extra amenities suggested included having Muslim swimwear available for purchase.

Source: Premium Europe AG Consultants

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