Madrid & Andalusia Muslim Tour

Visit Madrid – Toledo – Cordoba – Seville – Granada – Alhambra – Alpujarra

In This Muslim Spain Tour, Starting From Madrid to Granada, you will discover the History of Islam in Spain. In the first place we will enjoy Madrid and its monuments, The Bernabeu Footbal Stadium, Royal Palace and more. Ever visit of this Muslim Tour is Unique, with beautiful Landscape, Impresive Pictures, Nice Atmosphere, Islamic Monuments and History, and more surprises. Of course we will visit the Mosque of Cordoba and about the Umayyads that stablished in Cordoba 1.200 years ago, and Build up the Islamic civilization In Spain. Furthermore this muslim tour will bring you inside the Alhambra Palace, the Private Houses of the muslim Kings of Granada.

In addition, you will experience the Alpujarra Mountains, where you can pick and eat the Oranges directly from the trees. Moreover, all these Activities and more will make of our Vacations a Unique Experience. Accompanied by the Local Muslim Guide, Sleeping in 4 star Hotels, Enjoing the Halal Spanish Food, With Private transport and Driver. Best Service is Guaranteed!



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4* HOTELS: 5 nights in Nice and clean Hotels in every city 

TICKETS: Mosque of Cordoba, Royal Alcazar (Seville), Alhambra Palaces (Granada), Medinat Al-Zahra (Cordoba)

BREAKFAST: 5 breakfast at hotels 

MUSLIM GUIDE: Scourted by a Local Muslim Guide, English Speaking. 

ALL TRANSFERS: All the transfers are covered.  New and Fully AC Minibus 


FLIGHTS are NOT INCLUDED in the package. 

Day 1

Madrid-Toledo (1h)

After your arrival to Madrid Airport we will transfer to Halal Restaurant. After we will make a panaromic city tour of Madrid. We shall visit plazas like the Plaza de Espana, de Oriente, Mayor, Puerta del Sol, Neptuno, Cibeles and Puerta de Alcala. Bernabeu Stadium. In the evening we will depart to Toledo , Toledo became one of the major points of intellectual transmission from Islamic civilization to Europe, sowing the seeds for the Renaissance. Panoramic tour of Toledo and Visit of Mosque of “Christ of the Light”. We will finish our visit in a delicious Halal Restaurant in the historical center. Dinner and Rest in the Hotel. Accomodation in Toledo

Day 2

Toledo-Cordoba (4h)

After a nice breakfast at the hotel we will depart to Cordoba. The capital of Al- Andalus for more than 300 years, where the Umayyad dinasty of Spain lived. The most advance city of its times, only competing with baghdad and Damascus. When in the rest of Europe did not even existed toilets or baths, in Cordoba they had street lighting, drainage system, libraries, public baths or hammam, and many more things that we have kept until today. We´ll visit the Masjid Qurtuba, Roman Bridge, “Calahorra” tower, and some other remains from muslim times. We will finish the visit in a tradicional andalusí house, made a HALAL restaurant nowadays. In the evening we will visit the unique and interactive Museum of Alandalus, with explanations of scholars and filosophers of those times like, ibn rushd, Maimonides, and more… the rest of the evening will be free time for shopping and relaxing around the mosque area. Accomodation in Cordoba

Day 3

Cordoba-Medinat Azahra-Seville (1:30h)

After Breakfast we will visit Madinat Az Zahra archeological site. The city of the Caliph Abderrahman III. It was totally hidden underground untill 19th C. After the visit we will go to Seville. We will check-in at the hotel and then go for lunch and visit the historic center. We will visit the royal Alcazar, a cristian palace built by the muslims of Alhambra and Toledo. We will see Giralda tower the former minaret of the main mosque of Seville. Barrio de Santa cruz, original muslim quarters with all the nice shops and small streets. We will also see the Guadalquivir river which conects the cities of Cordoba and Seville. Walking along it is a must in spring nights. Seville is the perfect place to have Fresh fish or the tipical spanish “Paella”. After dinner we go to hotel and rest. Accomodation in Seville 

Day 4

Seville-Granada-Alhambra (3h)

After Breakfast we will Depart to Granada (3h). At the arrival we will have lunch. After we will visit The Alhambra The Nasrids Sultans were living here, and their royal houses reflects the highest point of refinement and arts reached in this last period of Al-Andalus. After Alhambra we will Check in at the Hotel. Later we will go out to visit the city center, Moroccan Bazar, Plaza Nueva, Darro River and have dinner in the Halal restaurant. Accomodation in Granada 

Day 5

Alpujarra Mountains

After Breakfast we will make our Excursion to the Alpujarra mountains, where the last muslims of alandalus were living and practising islam for more than 150 years after the conquest of Granada. New Muslims are living here now, and they have the olive plantations from where getting the olive oil for the whole year, the same olives once planted by the muslims of the past. We Will visit t Traditional Village, where you can see Carpet Workshop, Chocolate Factory, and local products, a walking in this small village is an Authentique experience. After we will have lunch in a Restaurant, or a Food in the Country side mosque could be also organize, where you can walk around the orange orchards and pick and eat the fresh fruits from the Trees. After Lunch we will go back to Granada. In the Evening we will visit the Albaicin former muslim quarters, that still keeps the same style as in the times of muslim Alandalus. In our walking tour in albaicin we will see old mosques transform in to churches, Algibes(muslim water cistern), breathtaking views of the whole city, and the new Main Mosque of Granada. There will be free time for shopping and self exploring until Dinner Time Accomodation in Granada

Day 6

Granada-Madrid Airport (5h)

After Breakfast early morning we will depart to Madrid (5h), we will to the Airport 3 houres before flight departure. 


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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 6 reviews
June 7, 2017

Our trip to Andalusia was amazing. Under excellent guides, especially Yasin, we explored many Islamic historical sites. We, a group of Indonesian university professors and families, were guided to see the heritage of Muslim dynasties who contributed to the development of Spanish civilization in the past. Toledo, Cordoba, Seville and Granada were all important intellectual and cultural centers of Islamic west. Discussion on Islam in Andalusia in Seville University was very enlightening. Hotels were very good, ground transportation were nice, and foods were delicious to Indonesian taste like us. Thank you, ilimtour for such a wonderful trip arrangement.

June 29, 2017

We are a group of Singaporeans who travelled to Madrid and Andalusia overland with ILIM TOUR and our excellent, friendly guide Yasin. It was indeed a wonderful and memorable trip: learning the Islamic history of Spain , visiting interesting and beautiful cities, eating delicious halal meals and also making friends with the nice people of Spain…
Our guide Yasin was also a caring and trustworthy person and it was so easy to book the land package through his website. We will always remember him and our wonderful trip and hope to visit Spain again in the near future. Thanks so much and All the best to Yasin and his team in all future endeavour!

October 15, 2017

We are group of 12 from Indonesia took the 5 days private tour. Start from lisbon just after attending european association for the study of diabetes. We visited seville, cordoba, granada, madrid and toledo. It was amazing Islam hystorical tour. Yasin, our tour leader not only knows very well the hystory of Islam in andalusia but he also knows very well how to make us like travelling back to the past. Yasin is wonderful tour leader, very helpful. He provides very nice hotel and clean bus with speed wifi. Amazing tour. Thank you

October 15, 2017

These very nice trip and Yasin tour leader is very good. Next time I want retour with the same tour leader at another contry, Insya Allah.

October 15, 2017

Brought me easily one of the best tour guides and private tours. Tour guide was very sincere, knowledgeable, kind, and works from the heart, which made our tour and trip a very enjoyable and also knowledge-increasing one. Very recommended for having an enjoyable travel while also learning history of sites.

October 15, 2017

These very nice trip and Yasin tour leader is very good. Next time I want retour with the same tour leader at another contry, Insya Allah.

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